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Elizabeth Egan (Florist) SHOREWOOD, WI
My clients needed a good amount of monstera leaves to achieve the vision we’d laid out but my wholesaler’s prices were not feasible. After researching further, FiftyFlowers was an amazing option to get the product in a healthy manner, on time and in color. Their attention to detail and the client experience was fabulous! Right down to the text message tracking alerts! My clients were overjoyed with my work, and I was overjoyed with the product!
Flowers by Floral Alchemy

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Flowers Used for Elizabeth Egan's Arrangements

Peachy Pink Cottage Yarrow Flowers ( 5 Bunches or 50 Stems )

Used for: Centerpieces , Other

Arrived healthy and strong all in correct color!

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Other

Great product. Arrived healthy and lasted longer than these leaves typically do!


India Earl