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Nancy Andrzejczak (Mom) Wildomar, CA
My daughter's colors were light pink and navy. So we chose pink peonies, blush orchids, delphinium, light pink and white roses, blue/ivory hydrangea and the paper mache textured filler mix. We were lucky in the textured mix was the blue thistle. It added an interesting dimension to the large church displays and other arrangements. For her bouquet I did a cascade using the 4" Floracraft bouquet holder and floral glue, I was able to create the cascade pretty easily. The bridal bouquet had over a dozen peonies. I used roses from the Light Pink group and white roses as well (nearly 8 or so of each) I also created the cascade using the blush orchids and ivy. I put in some baby's breath, too. The ... bridesmaid's bouquets were predominately roses almost 20 in each a mixture of the light pink (Utterly Charming) and white (Avalanche). Since they were wearing navy, I sprinkled in some delphinium to add contrast along with some baby's breath. I used the 3" Floracraft bouquet holders. The oasis kept the flowers fresh for 24 hours. The table centerpieces were three containers. They varied by size and diameter. The two tallest were for the submerged orchids. The largest diameter had submersible LED lights. The orchids were held in place with pin frogs which were easy to do. They were made on Friday with a few inches of water, transported to reception the next day and filled. After the wedding, I reclaimed the orchids, put them in a bucket and on Sunday placed them around my house. They lasted for several more days even with that abuse! In addition there was one shorter container on each table filled with water beads and LED lights. Each of those had a peony which was in a flower tube. The centerpiece that we used for the entrance to reception had a mixture of peonies, roses and delphinium. The peonies were stunning. People liked the centerpieces as they weren't too tall but added light and environment. We had two very large altar displays. These were in in urns with oasis. I used 8 hydrangeas and 8-10 pink and 8 white roses and 20 or so delphinium with orchid stems and ivy hanging down. The textured filler was very useful for these arrangements. I first arranged the filler with greens from my yard and then begin to fill with flowers. The urns were 18" in diameter and over 2.5 feet in height. The big trick is transporting to the church and then reception. But I put each in a large packing box for the back of the van. They were made Thursday night and taken to church on Friday for wedding on Saturday. Had some issues with heat and Hydrangeas so had to switch a couple. The roses and delphinium and orchids all traveled well and looked great. We did a swag made from tulle down the church aisle with bows and delphinium and baby's breath in water tubes. They did well even though they were up for 24 hours before wedding. I used baby's breath and roses for the unit candle arrangements. We used light pink roses for the boutonnieres. They were easy to make. For flower processing we got a bunch of buckets from Lowe's and set up tables in living room on the tile floor. Everyone pitched in to process the flowers by cutting stems, dipping in Quick Dip and then the buckets of water. They were carried upstairs to room with tarp on floor that we could lower the temp--kept room about 68 degrees. We were having a heat wave so the keeping them cool was important. I made several other arrangements that were used at the wedding and then transported to the reception for use on the special tables like the memorial table, gifts, cake etc. For our cake we just had tiny bundt cakes and one large one with a huge hydrangea in a water tube in the middle. We used all of the flowers and had some filler left! Simple and pretty.  Show more
Flowers by Nancy Andrzejczak

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Flowers Used for Nancy Andrzejczak's Arrangements

Light Pink Roses

Light Pink Roses ( 100 Roses )

Used for: Boutonnieres, Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets

At first I was disappointed as I thought I would maybe get a more pale color but got Utterly Charming-which is more pink than a pale pink. But as they opened and I realized they were really a great choice. They looked great with our peonies and showed up well in the other arrangements. They were very sturdy, so good for boutonnieres and bouquets. Lasted easily a week or more.

White Ecuadorian Roses Up Close
Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets

We got Avalanche. These were incredible. They were large and very lovely—more off-white than true white—which was great with her wedding dress.

Hydrangea Bicolor Ivory with Hint of Blue Flower Up Close
Used for: Centerpieces , Other

These flowers opened nice and full. Since we were having a heat wave, I had to watch them closely for wilting. One trick I read about and worked most of the time, if they looked pretty wilty, I took out of arrangement and put bloom side down in water for about an hour. The flowers loved the “drowning” and they perked right back up. I used in our large altar arrangements—8 in each arrangement. So their size and color were very important.

Papier Mache Textured Filler DIY Flower Kit Up Close

Papier Mache Textured Filler Pack ( Medium Textured Filler Pack )

Used for: Centerpieces , Other, Boutonnieres

I ordered the medium pack which was way too much, I ended up throwing some away—so sad. But what I used looked stellar. They added the right touches of varying textures and colors and I felt took my arrangements up a notch. Also from listening to flower lectures on YouTube, they all said start with greenery and filler and then do flowers in your foundation. I followed that direction and it worked well.

Volkenfrieden Dark Blue Delphinium Wholesale Flower Up close
Used for: Centerpieces , Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Other

They were very pretty. At first they seemed pretty wilty, but water and flower food works miracles. Once they perked up, they were easy to work with. I wanted some height in large centerpieces but not the super height you get with gladiolas—so they worked well. I could cut the stems and used smaller pieces in bridesmaid bouquets. They actually submerge well, but I ended up not using them there as the orchids looked so beautiful by themselves.


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