Picture Perfect Rustic Elegance

Elizabeth Gossens (Bride) THE PLAINS, VA
**Please note that our photographer has yet to give us our photos, so these are pictures from my phone and a couple that friends sent to me. For the sake of the competition, I wanted to share what I had, but if you are interested in having the professional photos, please reach out directly and I can share them as soon as I get them from our photographer.** Matthew and I had been together for six years before he proposed, and then we had 14 months to plan our perfect wedding. From the beginning, my beau and I were on the same page about what we wanted the wedding to look and feel like, and I was in a unique position to bring our dreams to life. I work for myself, so I have time during the day. ... I also have a degree in theatre (and am part of a local theatre company here in DC), and put on a variety of different types of events for work (conferences, etc.), so designing my own wedding was a beautiful combination of my passion for and background in theatre and my career experience. We wanted to celebrate our love of the outdoors and combine rustic elements like hand-carved farm tables and wildflowers with elegant pieces like antique silverplate compotes and hand-dyed napkins, tablecloths. My now-husband is a graphic designer, so we designed all of our collateral (save the dates, invitations, table settings, table numbers, programs, etc.) using a Virginia wildflower theme. We also wanted to have a small environmental impact and used recycled glass jars for water and cocktail glasses and thrift store wine and champagne glasses, and composted our food leftovers. We saved an enormous amount of money by doing things ourselves, and the flowers were a huge part of that. The morning of the wedding, my bridesmaids, a cousin and I all gathered around a big farm table and put together the centerpieces. Each one was unique, celebrating the wild beauty of our surroundings (the country home of dear family friends), and the flowers from FiftyFlowers were spectacular. I made each boutonniere by hand, individually for my groom and each of his groomsmen. It was an enormous amount of work, but everything turned out perfectly. Our wedding was an incredible showcase of our individual style and personal touches. Many of our guests told us that it was the most beautiful, personal wedding they had ever attended. I'm grateful for all of the personalized help from FiftyFlowers, and I would highly recommend FiftyFlowers to any bride! Show more
Flowers by Elizabeth Gossens

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Flowers Used for Elizabeth Gossens's Arrangements

California Wilflower DIY Flower Kit Up Close
Used for: Centerpieces , Boutonnieres, Other

This pack didn't fit as well with the other flowers, but we did use everything in different ways. All-in-all, excellent quality, and I ended up drying the lavender and it's hanging over my bed!

Wildflower Spirit DIY Flower Kit Up Close
Used for: Centerpieces , Boutonnieres, Other

We didn't end up using all of these flowers together with the others, as the light pink ones didn't really go with the visual themes, but we used them as accent pieces throughout the space. The rest of the wildflower pack was fantastic, and I absolutely loved the thistles.

Eucalyptus Bulk Wholesale Flower Up close
Used for: Centerpieces , Other

There was SO MUCH greenery in this box, which was wonderful. We ended up using it more of accent pieces, but it was a nice-to-have.

Color Wheel DIY Flower Kit Flatlay
Used for: Centerpieces , Boutonnieres, Other

These were my highlight flowers, and I used them to bring elegance to the centerpieces and as focal points of the boutonnieres.


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