Test Run For Garland Making

Antonia Gallman (Bride) SEDONA, AZ
I ordered this small greenery box as a test run for my wedding in April. My goal was to see: a) could I even make a garland, b) how many feet of garland could I make with this number of bunches, c) how long did it take me to make that length of garland, and d) did I like the quality of the greens and the shipping experience. Overall, very happy! With the greens provided in this small box, I made 14 feet of garland over 3 hours. I felt that the quality was good and that they didn't dry out in the dry air of Arizona. Making garlands is labor intensive, so I'm considering buying the silver dollar eucalyptus garland premade, but haven't decided yet.
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Eucalyptus Greenery for Weddings
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Lovely three varieties!