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August Tahoe Elopement

August Tahoe Elopement

Photography by South Lake Tahoe Photography
Event Planning by Simply Eloped
Flowers by FiftyFlowers Wedding Collections

This stunning Emerald Bay elopment is a swoon worthy example of how to get married in 2020! We love to see our Bordeaux line of the wedding collections be used by such a handsome couple surounded by family in such an awesome location. Keeping it simple but elegant was what led Diana and Alexander to picking their wedding flowers from out Wedding Collections line. And it doesn't get much more simple then using the Elopement sized package for your own elopment. 

arrangement recipes

arrangement # of pieces stems total stems recipe
Bridal Bouquet 1 1 Stems Total hover for
Boutonnieres 1 1 Stems Total hover for

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Bordeaux Wedding Collection
Bordeaux Wedding Collection
Elopement Package for $154.99
Intimate Package for $479.99
Medium Package for $649.99
Pre-arranged Centerpiece Package for $399.99
DIY Centerpiece Package for $204.99
Garland Package for $239.99
Bridesmaid & Boutonnière Package for $239.99
Complete Collection Add Ons for $259.99
Wrist Corsage Package for $129.99
DIY Floral Arch for $199.99
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